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Last February, an Illinois woman was convicted in federal court
of scamming a Medicaid program designed to care for the elderly
in their own homes.

The woman, Ann Marie Sheppard, 55, of O’Fallon, Illinois, billed
Medicaid for $35,168 worth of services that she never provided to
her clients over a nearly two-year period, according to the U.S. Attorney for the
Southern District of Illinois.

Sheppard spent part of that time vacationing in Costa Rica and
taking a Caribbean cruise.

As it turns out, this sort of rip-off of the multi-billion-dollar
Medicaid Personal Care Services program administered by the
states is fairly common, according to a recent Department of
Health and Human Services Inspector General’s advisory report.

Indeed, the Inspector General’s office investigated more than 200
cases of fraud and abuse of …
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Abuse is rampant in one $14 billion Medicaid program