The Florida House of Representatives has repeatedly voted down
broadening access to healthcare for over a million Floridians; meanwhile
communities all over the state demand that lawmakers stop putting
politics before people and focus on insuring all Floridians.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation lauded Miami-Dade County’s commissioners for
urging the Florida Legislature to grant healthcare access to roughly 1.2
million uninsured Floridians. The Miami-Dade Board of County
Commissioners approved a resolution that communicates to the Florida
Legislature the expectation that lawmakers expand the Medicaid program.
The resolution also calls for the Florida Association of Counties to
prioritize advocacy around Medicaid expansion for the upcoming
Legislative Session.

In its current form, Florida’s Medicaid program is limited to children,
pregnant women, adults with disabilities and extremely low-income
parents. Many who do not qualify go without treatment or incur great
debt to receive the medical they require, and thousands more rely on
emergency rooms …
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AHF Lauds the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners for Unanimously Approving Resolution for Florida Legislature to Pass Medicaid Expansion