The controversial measure would use some of the funds from the state’s settlement with BP following the 2010 Gulf oil spill to repay state debts, which could open up general revenue funds for Medicaid. Also, a new study looks at how the health law’s Medicaid expansion has impacted rural hospitals.

Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser:
Alabama House Approves BP, Medicaid Settlement
The Alabama House of Representatives Wednesday voted 87 to 9 to approve a compromise BP settlement that would allocate $400 million of the estimated $639 million settlement to repayment of state debts. That should free $70 million for the Medicaid program in 2017. The bill would also allocate $15 million of the money directly to Medicaid, which would give the program the funding it says it needs to maintain services next year, and $105 million in fiscal year 2018. (Lyman, 9/7)

Kaiser Health News:
Lack Of Medicaid Expansion Hurts Rural Hospitals More Than Urban Facilities
It isn’t news that in rural …
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Alabama House Approves Bill That Could Provide Additional Funds For Medicaid