State lawmakers found a new source of dollars to help pay for the rising cost of Medicaid during the special session that ended Wednesday.
But like others they’ve tapped before, it’s temporary.
Gov. Robert Bentley said he has ideas about where to turn next, but was not specific.
On Thursday, the governor signed into law a bill that will give Medicaid $120 million over the next two years. The money will come from a bond issue that will be backed by BP’s payments to the state from a $1 billion oil spill settlement.
“We have some options that we’ll be looking at,” Bentley said. “So we’ll deal with those over the next few months.”
A state lottery is apparently not on the governor’s list. His proposal for that died during the special session, which lasted a little more than three weeks.
“The lottery itself is probably not going to come back up …
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Alabama lawmakers prop up Medicaid with another short-term fix