“These Medicaid caps would be a huge disadvantage for states like Alabama that have historically spent little money on enrollees. The AHCA would lock in low spending amounts, preventing the state from receiving the money necessary to address a public health emergency or higher medical costs associated with new technology, prescription medication or emerging treatments. This will ultimately punish the poor, who will be forced to go without medical services when these scarce dollars are used up.

“The caps also don’t allow the state the flexibility to meet demographic changes such as the rise in seniors’ Medicaid costs as they age or an increase in the number of seniors covered by the program. Alabama would be forced to find money elsewhere for its Medicaid program – a proposition that could put other state services at risk.

“The AHCA is detrimental to the wellbeing of our country. Its proposal for Medicaid caps is just one of many reasons we urge legislators to block this disastrous health care plan.”

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American Health Care Act’s Medicaid caps a blow to states like Alabama – Southern Poverty Law Center