As the Nov. 1 start of the Affordable Care Act’s fourth open enrollment period approaches, a new Kaiser Family Foundation analysis estimates that 11.7 million people who remain without health insurance are eligible for Medicaid in their state or for tax credits to purchase health insurance through their state’s Affordable Care Act marketplace.
While millions of people have gained coverage under the ACA and the nation’s uninsured rate has fallen to a record low, the new analysis examines how many of the nation’s estimated 27 million people under age 65 who remain uninsured could receive financial assistance under the law, including state-specific estimates.
The analysis finds that, based on income and other factors, about 43 percent of this group are eligible for financial assistance through the ACA, either by enrolling in Medicaid (6.4 million) or through subsidies for purchasing coverage through the marketplace (5.3 million). The 15.5 million other people who remain without insurance …
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Analysis: Nearly 12 Million People Who Remain Uninsured Are Eligible for Financial Help Under the Affordable Care Act, About Half Through Medicaid and Half Through the Marketplaces