Where and how to apply for Medicaid personal care services and Consumer Directed Personal Assistance program (CDPAP) services has drastically changed with the implementation of mandatory Managed Long Term Care in New York State under a federal waiver that was approved September 4, 2012.   The majority of individuals seeking Medicaid home care are now required to enroll in private managed care plans in order to receive those services.   The process of applying for Medicaid and home care services is different depending upon what type of service, whether the applicant has Medicare, where the applicant lives, and new in  July 2016, whether the individual has an “immediate need” for the personal care or CDPAP services.  See this article for applying for personal care services outside of NYC.  

The procedures have changed twice since 2012 – in Sept. 2012 and then again in July 2016: .

1.    Most adult Dual Eligibles in NYC (age 21+ having Medicare and Medicaid) are required …
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Applying for Medicaid Personal Care or CDPAP Services in New York City – 2016 Changes