More than 9,400 Arkansans completed enrollment in the state’s expanded Medicaid program last month, raising the total to more than 317,000, according to numbers released Thursday by the state Department of Human Services.
The enrollment total as of Aug. 31 included 294,246 Arkansans who were enrolled in the state’s so-called private option and 23,043 who were assigned to the traditional, fee-for-service Medicaid program because their health needs were considered to be exceptional.
The total number of Arkansans covered by the expanded Medicaid program as of Aug. 31 was likely even higher because the figures released Thursday didn’t include people who had been approved for coverage and were being covered under the fee-for-service Medicaid program because they had not completed enrollment.
For example, figures released by the Human Services Department in June showed that as of April 30, more than 292,000 Arkansans had been approved for coverage under expanded Medicaid, but only about 283,000 had completed enrollment.
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Arkansas Medicaid rolls top 317,000 in August – Arkansas Online