Federal audits could throw a wrench in the state’s Medicaid funding problems.
State Auditor Jim Zeigler recently announced that Alabama owes the federal government $101 million from three failed audits by the Office of the Inspector General.The findings of audits deal with how certain hospital expenses were handled, along with the administration of certain medical services in certain schools.This week, state lawmakers passed a bill to use $120 million in BP oil spill settlement money to help fill a major Medicaid funding gap.Since Aug. 1, Medicaid providers across the state have seen serious revenue cuts, due to the state’s funding problems.Dr. Natalie Tibbets, a Birmingham pediatrician who sees mostly Medicaid patients, said they had to strongly consider turning away Medicaid patients or cut staff.”At some point, providers are going to have to decide if they want to take Medicaid because it is a vicious cycle and …
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Auditor: State owes $101 million over failed Medicaid audits