The Maryland House of Delegates is set to consider a bill to establish a pilot program to provide dental insurance for Medicaid recipients, the first step toward what some lawmakers hope will be a plan to deliver extensive coverage to those with the most serious dental conditions.

The dental insurance bill, which passed the Senate unanimously Monday night, has been scaled back from legislation originally submitted by Sen. Thomas M. “Mac” Middleton.

The initial legislation sought to provide full-scale adult dental coverage for Maryland residents eligible for Medicaid. The Charles County Democrat said the bill has been amended to launch a test program under which some of the most critical dental procedures would be covered.

The Maryland Dental Action Coalition, a group of health advocates that supported the original bill, welcomed the smaller step. The coalition issued a statement calling it “a huge victory that brings us one step closer to adult dental coverage in Medicaid.”

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Bill seeks test program to provide dental coverage for Maryland Medicaid recipients