Last week, according to published reports, both House Speaker Philip Gunn and Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, said more people getting jobs would slow the growth in Mississippi’s costly Medicaid program.
“If more people worked, they wouldn’t qualify” for Medicaid, Gunn was quoted as saying in the online Mississippi Today publication.
Reeves pointed out that Mississippi has one of the nation’s lowest workforce participation rates and that there are jobs to be found for people willing to work. The fact that the state has a low work force participation rate can be attributed to a number of factors. Chief among those might be the overall low education level for many of the state’s citizens.
And it is true that if more people were employed in good paying jobs that it would help reduce the Medicaid rolls.
But it is not true that everyone who is …
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BOBBY HARRISON: Medicaid's rolls aren't a haven for the jobless – Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal