Rodney M. Bordeaux

Rodney M. Bordeaux

As president of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, I am a firsthand witness to the profound health care challenges that our people face, a crisis that confronts Indian Country nationwide.

Nationally, compared to white adults,  American Indian adults are almost three times more likely to lack insurance. In South Dakota the disparity is even greater.  At the same time, people in our communities are also much more likely to experience serious health challenges like obesity, a physical disability or a substance use disorder, making access to health care that much more critical. 

While the Indian Health Service plays a central role in the health care system for American Indians, millions of us are enrolled in Medicaid, which is celebrating its 56th anniversary. Medicaid provides health insurance for more than 80 million Americans nationwide, including more than a quarter of non-elderly American Indian adults and half of our children. From 2013 to 2018, the uninsured rate among American Indians fell from 28% to 20%, thanks to the increased access to health insurance created by the Affordable Care Act, including a major expansion of Medicaid.

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Bordeaux: Medicaid remains a lifeline for Indian Country, but there’s more work to do – Watertown Public Opinion