The measure, which has bipartisan support, would extend a fee charged to hospitals that is used to draw down additional federal funding for the health program for low-income residents. Also, outlets report on Medicaid news in Iowa, Wisconsin and Arizona.

The Mercury News:
Proposition 52: Hospital Fees To Help Fund Medi-Cal
Lined up against the likes of legalizing pot and abolishing the death penalty, Proposition 52 is probably the last measure that even the most earnest voters will get around to discussing at their neighborhood ballot parties. But supporters, ranging from Republicans to Democrats, hospitals and health care consumer groups, say the proposition that asks voters to lock in billions of dollars in hospital fees in order to take advantage of billions in federal matching funds is vital to California’s ability to pay for the health care of the state’s poorest residents. (Seipel, 10/8)

The Associated Press:
DHS Not Tracking Extra …
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Calif. Ballot Initiative Would Lock In Hospital Fees To Help Stabilize Funding For Medicaid