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The President and Chief Executive Officer of Children’s of Alabama is questioning the governor’s Medicaid plan.On Oct. 1, the state will implement its Medicaid Regional Care Organizations–known as RCO’s. It will ultimately provide healthcare services to more than half a million Medicaid recipients.Even so, Children’s of Alabama CEO opposes the plan saying it will cost more money than expected,┬ácalling it significantly flawed.In a letter to the Medicaid Commissioner, he says if RCO’s are implemented for the 2017 fiscal year, it could leave a $52 million shortfall to the state’s general fund.The CEO is calling for an alternative to the RCO model, which includes expanding Medicaid programs.Copyright 2016 WBRC. All rights reserved.

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Children's of Alabama CEO opposes Gov. Bentley's Medicaid plan – WBRC FOX6 News –