TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie on Monday boasted the success of expanding the Medicaid program in the state, arguing the “naysayers” have been “proven wrong” and that 566,000 additional New Jerseyans have insurance coverage. 
It’s been three years since Christie announced he planned to buck his party and embrace President Obama’s Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. He was one of only a handful of GOP governors to embrace the changes.
“There were many naysayers,” Christie said during a Statehouse news conference.
“We made a deal with the federal government. If they keep their deal, we’ll keep our part of the deal,” he said. “I am for Medicaid expansion … but I am not for Medicaid expansion at any price.”
The Affordable Care Act picks up the entire cost of additional people covered under Medicaid until the end of this year. In 2017, the state picks up 5 percent of the cost and by 2020, …
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Christie boasts N.J. Medicaid expansion success under Obamacare –