The state’s Medicaid program allows coverage for the medications to enrollees only with the most advanced stages of liver disease. News outlets also report on Medicaid developments in Alabama and Arkansas.

Colorado Is Latest State To Be Sued For Restricting Access To Hepatitis C Drugs
You can add Colorado to the list of states being sued for refusing to widen access to the hepatitis C medications in its state Medicaid program. The lawsuit, which is seeking class action status, was filed on behalf of two Colorado citizens on Monday in response to a longstanding policy by the state Medicaid program to restrict coverage only to people with the most advanced stages of liver disease, such as cirrhosis. The state “illegally restricts” access to medically necessary treatment “that can be provided only by” the available hepatitis C drugs, the lawsuit states. (Silverman, 9/22)
Alabama Medicaid Agency Restores Payment Rates …
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Colorado Sued For Restricting Medicaid Access To Hepatitis C Drugs