Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway shot back at healthcare critics Monday, saying she will not withstand being called “a liar because they don’t want to do the homework” on Medicaid.


“I’m not going to allow people, and detractors, and Trump haters to call me a liar because they don’t want to do the homework and look at what is actually happening to Medicaid,” Conway said on “Fox & Friends.”  

The Senate introduced a healthcare bill last week that repeals and replaces key ObamaCare provisions, which includes making major cuts to Medicaid.

Conway defended the bill, saying the program would continue to run but will be scaled back over time.

“Medicaid continues to be funded. Medicaid over time would be unsustainable and unaffordable because ObamaCare failed to bring the costs down for healthcare, so these states are having very difficult time meeting the bills. Medicaid is intended for the poor, the needy, and the sick. And what it’s done under ObamaCare, it’s expanded the Medicaid pool of people who, quote, qualified beyond that,” Conway said, adding that able-bodied Americans who fit within that category can find an employer to sponsor such benefits. 

She had also pushed back Sunday that the new measure would lead to cuts in Medicaid, arguing that rolling back the program is a necessary step in order to make the program “sustainable” in the long term.

“You keep calling them as cuts. We don’t see them as cuts. It’s slowing the rate of growth in the future and getting Medicaid back to where it was,” Conway said during an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.”

Conway also told Stephanopoulos that people who “became a Medicaid recipient through the ObamaCare expansion” are “grandfathered” into the program. 

The Senate could vote on the bill as early as this week.

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