SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KSPR) — An Ozarks husband and wife are charged with stealing about $890,000 of taxpayer money by using their dental service to fill out fraudulent Medicaid claims.

“We just keep calling Medicaid,” said Anthony Sherwood.
Sherwood is trying to get his kids the help they need.
“You have to wait for 40 minutes to an hour-and-a-half on hold and when you do talk to them they say the account is now closed and we can’t see whether he is in there as your son or not,” Sherwood said.
He said he cannot get his kids insurance because Medicaid is not telling him whether his family is still covered.
“It’s frustrating, when my ex-fiancé was going back to work, we had to calculate whether her salary … whether having to go off Medicaid was worth her working and that shouldn’t be a calculus that anyone has to do,” Sherwood continued.
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Couple accused of fraudulent Medicaid claims; how the system works