Medicaid Genius, powered by Ocrolus, allows users to instantly transcribe noteworthy events onto a summary sheet. Users can instantly find transactions of any defined value and are automatically alerted of potentially missing statements and transfers between accounts. The system allows users to quickly detect all significant transactions and attach explanation notes instantly transcribing noteworthy events into a concise summary sheet. Every transaction is linked via SNAPSHOT to its precise location on the source document.
By reading and analyzing financial statements, Medicaid Genius quickly identifies significant transactions, a task that would otherwise require hours of labor. By making all transactions sortable and searchable by dollar amount, date range, and description, Medicaid-Genius gives users an unparalleled perspective on the applicant’s financial history.
Medicaid Genius Powered by Ocrolus
Medicaid Genius, Powered by Ocrolus ( eliminates the need to manually audit bank and credit statements. The platform digitizes bank and credit …
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Customers Instantly Transcribe Noteworthy Events onto Summary Sheet with Medicaid Genius Powered by Ocrolus