May 10, 2018

The Daily Pat Political Point. The Michigan GOP’s Medicaid work requirement bill not only hurts people, but it’s designed to punish those living in high unemployment cities.


Time for an update on the Michigan GOP’s attack on its hard-working fellow Michiganders.

I’ve talked about how state Republicans are trying to hurt those who are benefiting from the ever-successful Healthy Michigan Medicaid expansion.

The medicaid expansion has insured over 670-thousand Michiganders, leading 60% of them to work in the meantime.

You see, the healthier you are, the more likely you are to work, and the more likely employers will hire you to work.

I know, what a revolutionary idea.

But rather than accept the facts, the Medicaid Expansion is part of Obamacare, and Obamacare makes them angry.

To feel better, state senate Republicans passed a bill requiring Medicaid recipients to work 30 hours, or else lose their Medicaid.

The bill is in House committee, and is expected to fly through the full House real soon.

But hats-off to The Detroit Free Press’s Nancy Kaffer on finding a provision that proves the real motivation behind this bill.

The bill exempts people who live in counties with unemployment rates above 8.5%.

One of the bill’s co-sponsor’s, Republican Wayne Schmidt, represents both Cheboygan and Chippewa Counties, where the unemployment rate is over 20%, and 10%, respectively.

So, his constituents won’t be forced to fill-out paperwork proving why they can’t work.

That’s good.

However, Detroiters aren’t so lucky.

The city unemployment rate is above the 8.5% threshold, but Wayne County’s unemployment rate is 5.5%.

Detroiters won’t enjoy the same exemptions that Wayne Schmidt’s constituents get to have.

That’s goes for Flint, and other struggling cities, too.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say state Republicans are going after certain Michiganders while protecting their own.

The evidence shows the Medicaid Expansion is helping Michiganders work. The evidence shows this draconian bill will create more bureaucracy, costing tax payers an extra $30 million so it can spy on your fellow hard-working Michiganders.

The evidence also shows people will die if they lose Medicaid coverage.

But why look at evidence?

That’s not how state Republicans have governed through the last 20 years.

They govern by what makes them feel good.

And for them, hurting people makes them feel good.

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Daily Pat Political Point–Michigan GOP’s Work For Medicaid Bill Double Standard–May 10, 2018