Kentucky officials are expected to announce on Friday that the state will reverse Medicaid cuts that eliminated dental, vision and non-emergency transportation services for nearly 400,000 Kentuckians. The Courier-Journal reports abrupt cuts effective July 1 caught patients and providers across Kentucky off guard.

The most disruption was in dental services, with some dentists forced to turn away hundreds of patients who had suddenly lost benefits, but weren’t aware that their Medicaid dental coverage had been eliminated.

Dentists told the Courier-Journal they had to cancel appointments for patients who had waited months for relief from decayed teeth and abscessed gums. Dentists said patients were upset and angry.

The Courier-Journal reports that sources familiar with the plan to announce the reinstatement of dental and vision benefits asked to remain anonymous, and Gov. Matt Bevin did not respond to a request for comment.

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Dental and Vision Coverage Expected to be Restored to Ketucky Medicaid Recipients