Opinion writers examine areas in which the next step for lawmakers regarding Obamacare might involve bipartisanship. They also take on issues related to Medicaid and the outlook for the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces.

RealClear Health:
10 Bipartisan Ideas For Affordable, Quality Health Care

The Senate’s failed vote on the Health Care Freedom Act, otherwise known as the “skinny bill,” confirms that quick fixes and hasty repeal measures without a solid plan in place for health care kicks the problem down the road and creates uncertainty for millions of Americans. This latest round of votes treated the symptoms but not the malady of excessive health care costs. (Gary Shapiro, 8/9)

Roll Call:
Why HELP Could Be On The Way For Obamacare Recipients

Sen. Lamar Alexander had barely announced his plans to hold hearings next month on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee on stabilizing the insurance markets for Obamacare when the idea started getting panned. … just the idea of preventing the exchanges around the country from collapsing for the 11 million people who get their health insurance through them has been enough to set people in Washington off. (Patricia Murphy, 8/9)

How Medicaid Made The American Dream Possible For Me

My older brother, Anmol, and I were born in the United States. Because of a congenital defect, my brother’s kidneys failed in infancy and he needed a kidney transplant before his first birthday. Complications from this illness caused a stroke on Christmas Eve before Anmol’s second birthday that left him blind, epileptic, and intellectually disabled. As I grew up, my family was on Medicaid and other public assistance like food stamps. Despite our financial struggles, we never had to worry about health care, especially for my brother. Medicaid and Medicare took care of him. His childhood transplant lasted 19 years before he had to go back on dialysis. About 10 years ago, Anmol received another kidney transplant. Thanks to many specialists over the years, and the grace of God, he has done well. (Hemal N. Sampat, 8/8)

The Columbus Dispatch:
Ohio Shows What’s Possible

The Ohio Department of Medicaid has reached another remarkable milestone in its ongoing drive to help more elderly, disabled and mentally ill clients live safely at home — where many are happier and healthier — instead of in nursing homes. Home Choice was started in 2008 with a goal of moving 2,000 people from nursing homes back into their homes. The program provides up to $2,000 for one-time expenses such as moving costs, utilities deposits and basic furnishings. Recently, the number of folks transitioned out of nursing homes reached 10,000. (8/8)

Health Insurance Exchanges Are On Shaky Ground. Here’s How To Fix Them

At least for now, the Affordable Care Act is here to stay. This means that the health insurance exchanges — which make it possible for people who do not get health insurance through work or government programs to buy it — will continue to function. Right now they are on shaky ground. There are three ways to shore up and improve the exchanges to increase choice and ensure that they operate smoothly. (David Anderson, 8/8)

The Des Moines Register:
UI Med Students Oppose Efforts To Repeal Affordable Care Act

At the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, medical students and physician assistant students learn about health policy and healthcare delivery systems. As Iowa’s future health care providers, we have a responsibility to weigh in on public policy that will impact the health of Iowans. We have an obligation to speak out against any policy that would harm the public. (Ron Humble, 8/8)

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