Six disabled Iowans frustrated with cuts under privatized Medicaid have filed a lawsuit against Governor Kim Reynolds, court documents indicate.


The lawsuit, which was filed in federal district court, claims Iowans with severe disabilities are suffering because insurance companies drastically cut payment for the home and community-based services they need following the state’s privatization of Medicaid.

The lawsuit states, “This year, the plans claimed that they had lost too much money on their Medicaid contracts and began cutting these members’ necessary home and community-based services without any significant changes to their health needs, giving them neither notice nor an opportunity to appeal.”

The plaintiffs say Reynolds and her human services director should be held responsible for depriving thousands of Iowans with disabilities the health care they desperately need.

Disability Rights Iowa helped file the lawsuit. The group asked that the lawsuit is granted class-action status on behalf of all severely disabled Iowans.

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Disabled Iowans sue Gov. Reynolds over Medicaid cuts