Senator Dianne Feinstein condemned her Republican colleagues Friday over their healthcare bill, which she says will be bad for California patients and hospitals.

“We see what this bill is, and it must be defeated,” Feinstein said. “It takes $772 billion of Medicaid, it breaks the back of Medicaid over time.”

Feinstein points out that in California, one in three, or 14 million people receive their healthcare through Medicaid, and that half of the children in California receive their care through the program funded by both the state and federal government.

“After her surgery unfortunately she only got sicker,” Krisetn Chaset said. Chaset’s daughter Megan was born with congenital heart disease and spent the first 10 months of her life in the hospital. She’s now two and living happily at home with nursing care, 16 hours a day, which is covered by medical.

“If we didn’t have that critical care at home, Megan would be here in an intensive care unit costing upwards of 10,000 dollars a day,” Chaset said.

Republicans say they are working on a plan to replace Obamacare.

“The private health insurance market is imploding. Premiums are going up, co-payments are going up, deductibles are going up. So, we have to solve the current crisis, and I think repealing and delaying the replacement doesn’t work,” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.

Feinstein does not think the GOP will have the necessary 50 votes from senators to pass the bill onto the house.

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Feinstein says GOP healthcare bill could be devastating for hospitals and 14 million Californians on Medicaid