Janelle Lambert worked her way up quickly to become the president of the Augusta office of TWI Counseling Inc., a firm based in Vidalia, Ga. As president, Lambert talked to, texted and emailed the top corporate staff about what was needed to document services provided to poor children in danger of losing their homes.
She also received communications instructing her to falsify and create documents to falsely show services were provided, she testified.
Lambert testified most of the day Monday, the sixth day of the trial in Richmond County Superior Court for TWI Chief Executive Officer Carl “Tony” Wardlaw, his wife and Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Wardlaw, his sister and office manager Stephanie McCloud, and his sister-in-law and human resource director Sarah Wardlaw.
The Wardlaw family members who worked at TWI have pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and Medicaid fraud. In opening statements last week, their attorneys told …
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Former employee ties fraudulent documents to family member accused in Medicaid fraud trial