Some Republican state lawmakers expressed initial optimism about how the Donald Trump administration and a Republican-controlled Congress could affect one of Alabama’s thorniest problems – how to pay for Medicaid.
The Trump campaign called for block grant programs for Medicaid to allow states to be more innovative, although many details would have to be determined.
A block grant could give Alabama more control over Medicaid. The state has struggled to pay its share of Medicaid costs, even though federal funds pay for most of the program, which covers about one million Alabamians.
State officials have cited a lack of autonomy as one of the difficulties in putting the brakes on rising costs.
Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed, R-Jasper, who has been involved in Medicaid reform efforts, said he is generally supportive of the block grant concept.
“If we get more control at the state level, then the goal would be that …
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GOP lawmakers optimistic about Trump impact on Alabama Medicaid problems –