Gov. Ralph Northam hopes to reset the clock on Virginia’s budget impasse by reintroducing a proposal that was liked by neither the House of Delegates nor state Senate.

But by offering former Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s plan, including using Affordable Care Act funds to expand Medicaid with no conditions, Northam avoided picking sides between a sharply divided House and Senate. The House and Senate adjourned earlier this month without agreeing on a budget.

He also intended to send a strong signal that he prefers Medicaid expansion with no conditions. The House proposed a version of Medicaid expansion with a work requirement. The Senate rejected any expansion.

“In light of the General Assembly’s difficulty in finding common ground before the regular session adjourned, I’m proposing a budget that returns to what we would call clean Medicaid expansion, without work requirements,” Northam said.

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Governor to try again with McAuliffe Medicaid expansion budget