Citing a host of job and program cuts and funding levels that threaten hospital viability and patients’ access to care, Connecticut hospitals have asked the federal government to declare that the state is violating federal law by paying inadequate rates for treating Medicaid patients and imposing a $556 million tax on the industry.
The petition to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, filed Tuesday, is part of a two-pronged challenge to Connecticut’s fiscal policies toward hospitals. On Tuesday, the Connecticut Hospital Association and 20 hospitals also moved their state-level challenge to the hospital tax to Superior Court. They previously appealed the tax through administrative channels, but their claim that the tax is illegal was denied by two state agency heads last month.
“Connecticut’s Medicaid payment system has degraded to a point where provider payments are no longer sufficient to assure efficiency, economy, quality of care, and adequate access …
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Hospitals ask feds to declare CT Medicaid rates, hospital tax illegal – The CT Mirror