A dentist recorded working on a patient while on a hoverboard was found guilty of Medicaid fraud and endangering patients Friday.

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton found Dr. Seth Lookhart guilty on 46 counts.

Lookhart was found to have pushed patients to have needless procedures under IV sedation so he could charge Medicaid for the services.

One employee of Lookhart testified patients were often under sedation for three hours for a procedure that was supposed to take only an hour.

According to an information document filed in the case, IV sedation is the most costly form of anesthesia billed to Medicaid.

During the trial, former patients testified to having pain and distress over botched dental work performed by Lookhart. One patient testified that the dentist removed four healthy teeth.

In a 25-second video, Lookhart is seen working on a patient while on a hoverboard, then hovering down a hallway and tossing his gloves behind him before turning around and smiling for the camera.

Lookhart’s sentencing is scheduled for Thursday, April 30.

Correction: The spelling of Lookhart’s name has been corrected.

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