Medicaid's Role for Children with Special Health Needs
Expanded Medicaid/Republican Governor
Arizona $32,303 No No Yes
Arkansas $14,317 No No Yes
Illinois $12,534 No No Yes
Indiana $14,827 No No No
Iowa $21,263 No Yes Yes
Kentucky $12,442 No No No
Maryland $20,678 No No Yes
Massachusetts $10,351 Yes No Yes
Michigan $16,994 Yes No Yes
Nevada $12,391 Yes No No
New Hampshire $53,557 Yes No No
New Jersey $18,759 No No No
New Mexico $21,966 No No Yes
North Dakota $18,360 No Yes Yes
Ohio $15,499 No No No
Vermont $42,030 Yes No Yes
State Average $21,142 5/16 2/16 10/16
Expanded Medicaid/Democratic or Independent Governor
Alaska $32,734 Yes No Yes
California $24,909 No No Yes
Colorado $17,834 No Yes Yes
Connecticut $17,273 No No Yes
Delaware $20,091 Yes No No
DC $21,952 No No No
Hawaii $21,472 No No No
Louisiana $11,264 No Yes Yes
Minnesota $25,425 Yes No No
Montana $21,203 No No Yes
New York $20,082 No No Yes
Oregon $18,737 No No Yes
Pennsylvania $16,634 No No Yes
Rhode Island $30,043 Yes No Yes
Washington $17,152 No No Yes
West Virginia $14,045 Yes No No
State Average $20,678 5/16 2/16 11/16
Did Not Expand Medicaid/Republican Governor
Alabama $11,020 No No No
Florida $13,373 No No Yes
Georgia $7,829 Yes No Yes
Idaho $23,073 Yes No Yes
Kansas $14,282 No No Yes
Maine $22,424 No No No
Mississippi $11,963 Yes No No
Missouri $20,759 No No Yes
Nebraska $17,451 Yes No Yes
Oklahoma $14,460 Yes No Yes
South Carolina $13,366 Yes No Yes
South Dakota $16,689 Yes No No
Tennessee $6,945 No No No
Texas $18,261 No Yes Yes
Utah $21,683 No No Yes
Wisconsin $9,950 Yes No Yes
Wyoming $18,684 No No Yes
State Average $15,424 8/17 1/17 12/17
Did Not Expand Medicaid/Democratic Governor
North Carolina $17,971 No No Yes
Virginia $15,418 No No No
State Average $16,695 0/2 0/2 1/2
NOTE: Children with disabilities represent a smaller subset of children with special health care needs.

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Infographic: Medicaid’s Role for Children with Special Health Care Needs