Felicia Brown-Williams, director of public policy at Planned Parenthood Southeast, spoke out against Senate Bill 2238, urging the governor to veto the bill at a rally on May 1; Gov. Bryant signed the bill on May 10.

Photo by Imani Khayyam.

JACKSON — A federal judge has blocked a Mississippi state law that prevented the Division of Medicaid from reimbursing both the state’s Planned Parenthood clinic and the only abortion clinic for birth control and cancer screenings for women in the state.

The law, passed in the 2016 legislative session, prevented any entity that performs nontherapeutic abortions (or is associated with such an organization) in the state from receiving reimbursements from Medicaid—even though federal funding cannot be used to pay for abortions.

With the law in effect, Mississippi’s Planned Parenthood clinic, which doesn’t offer abortion services, could not receive Medicaid reimbursements for the family-planning services it offers such as birth control, cancer screenings …
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Judge Blocks Planned Parenthood Medicaid Reimbursements Law – Jackson Free Press