Kansas has spent more than $2 million fighting a backlog of unprocessed first-time Medicaid applications and has, for now, stopped reviewing renewal applications, a state audit released Wednesday found.
Legislative Post Auditors reported nearly 35,000 renewal applications were waiting to be processed as of mid-August. In the meantime, the state said it continues to provide services to those waiting for renewal.
Auditors also found that Kansas isn’t in compliance with federal law related to eligibility determinations. Federal officials indicated to auditors, however, that no action will be taken against Kansas once the backlog is resolved.
The backlog has been around for months, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has sharply reduced the number of unprocessed applications from a peak of about 14,000 a few months ago.
About 1,700 applications currently continue to linger for more than 45 days, however. Under federal law, applicants must receive an eligibility determination within 45 days, or 90 days …
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Kansas has spent $2 million battling Medicaid application backlog