Gov. Matt Bevin is asking federal officials to approve an amended plan that would immediately require able-bodied recipients to work 20 hours a week to be eligible for coverage.

Modern Healthcare:
Kentucky Seeks Stricter Work Requirements For Medicaid Enrollees

After nearly a year of negotiations, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has submitted an amended Medicaid waiver request to the CMS that proposes a stricter work requirement than the state originally requested.The waiver, first submitted in August 2016, has been largely criticized by advocates who say the proposed changes would harm access to care. (Dickson, 7/5)

The Hill:
Kentucky Seeks Stricter Medicaid Work Requirements

Gov. Matt Bevin (R) this week submitted an amended plan that would eliminate the phase-in period for a controversial work requirement. The waiver would require able-bodied adults without dependents to work at least 20 hours a week to qualify for coverage. The 20-hour requirement would start as soon as the waiver is approved. The initial proposal would have started the requirement at five hours a week, gradually increasing to 20 hours after a year. (Weixel, 7/5)

And in other news out of Arizona and Ohio —

CQ HealthBeat:
Arizona Could Face Children’s Health Care Program Closure Again

Arizona is moving closer toward the threat that kids in its Children’s Health Insurance Program may be the most likely in the nation to lose coverage if Congress does not act quickly to reauthorize federal CHIP funding. Arizona is in a particularly difficult spot. Its CHIP program, known as KidsCare, has a complicated track record. In 2010, KidsCare closed to new enrollees, citing state budget constraints. This made Arizona the only state in the country at the time without a CHIP program in operation. (Raman, 7/5)

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