We protest the new Medicaid work requirement law.

A family member has a mental health disability. Thirty years of counseling, medication and a federal benefits program allow our gentle loved one to survive and contribute to society. Throughout the evolution of the new Medicaid work requirement, there was an abundance of family testimony and protests. (We are also well aware of the law’s exemptions to the work requirement.)

As a family, we disagree with the law’s underlying philosophy. In what universe would a just government begin cutting the budget by scrutinizing the poor and disabled? First, as proud N.H. natives we had no wish to inflict our expenses on other taxpayers. Most disabled folks would love to feel even just “okay” and be able to get through the day. Disabling mental illness is a crucifixion managed through medical treatment. A further problem with this law: access to expanded Medicaid may be threatened for those who do not understand or cannot act on the new requirements.

The federal administration’s PR campaign has “normalized” the effort to begin cutting services to our most vulnerable folks. It is a cruel and unjust political attitude.

The most important effort families can make in this and in other matters affecting all our lives is to become active. Join an existing support group; you are not in this alone, and knowledge is indeed empowering. Contact your senator or representative when an injustice occurs. Rest assured we will continue to strengthen our challenge, in every possible way, and through the voting booth. We will continue to stand up to protect our loved ones.



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Letter: Medicaid work requirement is a cruel policy – Concord Monitor