KIMT News 3 – Gary Holland recently needed some work done on his teeth, but he’s on Medicaid and ran into some problems.
“Once you get registered with Medicaid you almost can’t switch doctors and your dentist and I called 22 dentists here in Mason. Every one of them said we’re not taking any new Medicaid patients, we’re filled up.”
“I think the main reason dentists aren’t taking new title 19 patients right now or very little title 19 is basically because of the low reimbursement rates from the state. Generally we’re getting 40 to 50 percent reimbursement which is pretty tough when you’re running tight margins in the business,” says Dr. Matt Maurer of Tesen, Maurer & Maurer Dental.
Dr. Maurer’s practice is currently not accepting new Medicaid patients.
“So if someone is coming in and needs a lot of treatment, basically we’ve got to send in …
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Medicaid dental concerns – KIMT 3