An open letter to Gov. Branstad:

I do not understand why people try to fix something that was never broken. I am talking about making lowans go to a company for their Medicaid services when Medicaid has served us so well in the past. Ever since I was switched to United Health Care I’ve had nothing but problems and frustration.

I talked to United Health Care many times and they ASSURED me that they would cover me just like the regular Medicaid, and that I would be covered for 90 days by them, even if my doctors had not accepted their plan.

Today I received my first “Explanation of Benefits” from United Health Care and they paid NOTHING on my doctor’s visit. I am disabled and have ALWAYS had Medicaid pick up what Medicare did not. I even had to pay cash for a new medication I was prescribed, because the pharmacist told me that my “new Medicaid,” United Health Care said that prescription WAS NOT on their “formula.” I learned that even my prescriptions are going to have to be run through the new Medicaid’s formulas. Ridiculous!

I have always been grateful for Medicare and Medicaid, but you have just made a mess of things. I know others are going through this too. Why don’t you step down and have someone else take your place that CARES about lowans instead of (like you) make everything about politics and money going in your own pocket.

Medicaid fiasco should prompt Branstad’s resignation
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