COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Republican health care plan might be stalled in the Senate, but the bill’s proposed cuts in Medicaid spending have spurred a backlash from activists like Kelly Stahlman, who say they would hurt the most vulnerable Americans.

And Stahlman is telling her personal story to try and persuade lawmakers in her home state and beyond that the health care debate is more than a numbers game.

Stahlman’s twin sons were born 12 weeks prematurely in 1992, and soon after, both were diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other severe health issues that required around-the-clock care.

Image: Medicaid

In this undated image, Kelly Stahlman and her twin boys Eric and Mark who had cerebral palsy and relied on Medicaid pose for a picture. (L-R) The family picture is Kelly, Mark, Jay, Eric and Bruce.