My son is 25. He lives in his own apartment. He works four jobs in Madison, one of which is his own art business. He pays taxes and he votes. He is happy and connected with his community. Despite his developmental disabilities, he is thriving.

What enabled Ben to become an engaged citizen? Medicaid.

From birth, Ben was eligible for Medicaid, and it gave him access to therapies in school and in the community so he could learn how to eat, talk, walk, dress and feed himself. He received personal care assistance so he does not need to live in a group home, and on the job assistance so he can work to the best of his ability.

What happens if the enormous cuts to Medicaid remain in the Republican health care plan? Ben is at great risk of losing his jobs, moving to an institution, and becoming the least happy and connected member of our family, all with much greater financial cost to taxpayers.

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Take Ben’s story and multiply it by thousands of people with disabilities in Wisconsin. Please join me asking U.S. Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, and Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, to take the Medicaid cuts out of the American Health Care Act legislation.

Barbara Katz, Madison

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Medicaid helps people live a full life — Barbara Katz