HUDSON — New Medicaid rules have put the Angelus, a highly regarded agency of five group homes and a training center serving the profoundly disabled for 37 years, on a state watch list for “isolating individuals from the broader community.”
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Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, enforcing federal rules adopted in 2014, hung the same designation on 55 group homes, assisted living facilities and adult training or day care centers across the state in an Aug. 26 draft report.
The rules, part of the Affordable Care Act, are intended to ensure that the disabled and elderly receiving Medicare and Medicaid have full access to community living. The nonprofit operators can make changes to their facilities to comply over the next three years. But, under a worst-case scenario, clients eventually could be forced to leave the Angelus for other homes or training sites to remain eligible for federal aid.
“Maybe their goals …
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Medicaid rules fault the Angelus for isolation