The Kaiser Family Foundation has released two fact sheets outlining the role of Medicare and Medicaid for people with HIV, including spending.

Here are 11 things to know about Medicare and Medicaid spending on HIV, as stated in the fact sheets.
1. Medicare spending on HIV totaled $10 billion in fiscal year 2016, representing 51 percent of federal spending on HIV care. However, it represented only 2 percent of total Medicare spending.
2. HIV spending under Medicare has increased over time, as the number of beneficiaries has grown and with the addition of the Part D prescription drug benefit. 
3. Due to Part D, Medicare spending on HIV became the single largest source of federal financing for HIV care in FY 2006, surpassing federal Medicaid spending on the disease for the first time, according to the fact sheets. This was partly due to the shifting of drug costs from Medicaid to Medicare for those who were beneficiaries of both …
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