The state’s recovered $1.6 million from a contractor involved in the delivery of Medicaid services.  Between 2008 and 2010, APS Healthcare contracted to provide administrative services for two state Medicaid programs.Courtesy of the Missouri Attorney General’s office
It was charged with coordinating preventive care for chronically ill patients in order to reduce emergency care costs.  Attorney General Chris Koster argued the company failed to fulfill its obligations relating to patient contact and billing requirements.
The latest payment is the final installment in a settlement between APS, the United States and Missouri.  The company has paid more than $11 million to the state and federal government, including $5.7 million coming directly to Missouri.
In a statement, Koster said “Companies that do business with Medicaid must be held accountable to do what they promise.  APS did not fulfill its responsibilities, and now it has been forced to return millions of dollars to the Medicaid …
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Missouri completes recovery from delinquent Medicaid contractor