Very quietly, on the Friday before a long federal holiday weekend, Mylan last week paid $465 million to stifle government allegations that it had systematically overcharged Medicaid for its notorious EpiPen medical device.This sum is, amazingly, well more than twice the $185 million paid by Wells Fargo over charges that its bankers systematically ripped off and stole the identities of their clients, but it hasn’t received an iota of the attention of the Wells scandal. Let’s redress the balance just a bit.

You remember the EpiPen, don’t you? The device, which delivers a measured dose of epinephrine to stave off severe allergic reactions to food or insect bites, was the topic of a great deal of outrage a month or so ago because Mylan had jacked up the price of a two-pack to more than $600 from $100 in the few years since it acquired rights to the device. Mylan’ …
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