People who apply for Medicaid in order to obtain home care services face long delays in getting Medicaid approved and then accessing home care services from a managed long term care plan.  Click here to learn about the reasons for these delays.   A New York law passed in 2015 that is being implemented in July 2016 should help speed up approval of Medicaid in only SEVEN DAYS and Medicaid home care in TWELVE DAYS  if there is an “immediate need” for home care.    This article describes this new procedure and other strategies to minimize these delays.

About the 2015 Law  

What is the 2015 law?  The law enacted April 1, 2015 required the State Medicaid agency to set up procedures for Medicaid applications to be processed and approved in SEVEN CALENDAR DAYS if there is an “immediate need” for personal care services or consumer-directed personal assistance services (CDPAP).  NY Soc. Serv. L. §366-a(12).  It took a …
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New Law Requires 7-Day Medicaid Application Approval if "Immediate Need" for Personal Care or CDPAP – Addresses Delays in Enrolling in MLTC Plans.