I am strongly advocating for no cuts and no caps for Medicaid!

The financial and social implications of a loss of funding are frightening. The proposals for cuts offered by federal and state governments demonstrate misaligned priorities and poor respect for human life.

Financially, the cost of assisting people to remain in their familiar home environment is about 1/4 the cost of institutionalization. For those who depend on vital programs and services, proposed cuts could limit people’s ability to function in the most normal way possible. People living with disabilities unimaginable to many of us have the opportunity to be productive citizens when provided with needed services.

For those providing services, the hours can be long and the schedules often supremely difficult. Sadly, turnover is high, with wages not keeping pace with even other low-wage jobs. Increased funding is needed for these proven programs, not cuts in funding.

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As citizens of the richest country ever, we should always be striving to discover ways we can help one another to achieve our greatest potential. The current goal of further enriching the wealthy at the expense of the most vulnerable among us is unacceptable and unworthy of any “great nation!” No cuts, no caps for Medicaid!

Gail Gilman

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No cuts, no caps for Medicaid – Helena Independent Record