People protest outside Portland-based ZoomCare.
They say the company needs to accept patients with Medicare and Medicaid.

Kristian Foden-Vencil

A couple of dozen people picketed outside Portland-based ZoomCare Tuesday. They’re upset the health clinic chain doesn’t accept Medicare and Medicaid.
Over the last decade, ZoomCare has grown exponentially. Patients don’t need an appointment, they can just walk in and get care.
Andrea Lemoins of Jobs with Justice, says ZoomCare is cherry-picking younger and healthier people — leaving hospitals and the state to look after the poor, disabled and elderly.
“So when we think about a neighborhood clinic we think of a place that’s accessible to everyone in the neighborhood or especially the low-income folks who don’t have access to health care insurance, and they’re not providing that for folks in our city,” she said.
In a letter responding to protests, ZoomCare points out it does …
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People Protest ZoomCare For Not Taking Medicaid Or Medicare