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The New England Journal Of Medicine:
Health Care In The 2016 Election — A View Through Voters’ Polarized Lenses
This article examines the potential effect of the 2016 election on the future of health policy in the United States. It brings together results from 14 national public opinion polls from various sources and as recently as September 2016 to address four broad questions: What is the mood of the country about health care issues as we approach the 2016 election? How do voters feel about the major health care policy issues likely to be debated after the election? How different are the health care policy views of Republican likely voters and Democratic likely voters? And what are the implications for future health care policy on the basis of the outcome of the presidential and congressional elections? (Robert J. Blendon, John M. Benson and …
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Perspectives On Health Care On The Campaign Trail; N.C.’s Medicaid Expansion