More than 1.2 million Kentuckians could see their health care soon change.
That’s because of changes Gov. Matt Bevin has proposed for Medicaid.The controversial overhaul was the topic of this month’s Louisville forum.Two officials from Gov. Bevin’s staff were at the forum.They said Kentucky can’t afford the Medicaid expansion former Gov. Steve Beshear ushered in.But two officials from local think tanks said the opposite.They said the expansion is a good deal for Kentucky and want to keep it like it is.“This waiver, Kentucky health. It is Kentucky specific. It’s a five year demonstration project. We’re asking the federal government, give us a chance to prove these things can actually work,” Vickie Yates Brown Glisson with the Cabinet for Health & Family Services said.She said Kentucky’s Medicaid burden will grow by $587 million in just two years.To solve that, Gov. Bevin’s proposed changes to …
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Proposed Medicaid changes could affect more than 1 million Kentuckians