Unfortunately, not all side effects go away when treatments end.

As a hospital chaplain, I see cancer patients and others as they cope with the lasting symptoms associated with the aggressive treatments that may prolong or save their lives.

Now, Minnesota lawmakers are suggesting that once treatment is over, patients are suddenly all better and should have no problem heading back to work. I wish that was the case, but research shows us it simply is not true. That’s why imposing work requirements on individuals on Medicaid and denying them access to coverage if they cannot comply is wrong.

Taking coverage away from cancer survivors and other patients who are unable to go back to their normal work routine because of debilitating effects of their treatment is irresponsible and short-sighted.

As a cancer survivor myself, I called to urge my Sen. Tom Bakk and Rep. Mary Murphy to join their colleagues in voting against the bills before the Legislature, to protect survivors, and to not take away the health coverage their lives depend on.

Patti P. Maguire


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Reader’s View: Wrong to require those on Medicaid to work