Sept. 28–The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services has settled its complaints with Xerox over management of Medicaid claims, resetting its health-care contract with the business giant for an agreed-upon series of performance standards.
The state’s claim against Xerox State Healthcare LLC followed the company’s start of a multimillion-dollar Medicaid payment system about three years ago. The state said Xerox failed to issue timely and accurate payments to Alaska health care providers, among other problems.
Jon Sherwood, Alaska’s deputy commissioner for Medicaid and health care policy, said Tuesday that since the department filed its claim in 2014, the state and the company have reached an agreement and established “a path forward for having an accurate, efficient system to process claims.”
The state has agreed to continue to pay Xerox millions of dollars under its contract and the company has agreed to provide additional hours of work for free and to …
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State and Xerox reach settlement over botched Alaska Medicaid payment system