ONECARE: Medicaid has contracted with OneCare in a global-budget beta program starting in 2017.

OneCare has contracted with Medicaid to transition providers into a global budget in 2017, and independent doctors have until Nov. 4 to decide if they will participate in the agreement.
“The Medicaid agreement moves away from fee-for-service to a global budget, consistent with the all-payer model,” Vermont Care Organization Chair and Rutland Regional Medical Center CEO Tom Huebner told Vermont Watchdog on Monday.
Vermont Care Organization, the newly-authorized statewide accountable care organization (ACO) overseeing Gov. Peter Shumlin’s all-payer model, will act in an oversight capacity for the Medicaid agreement, even though it is contracted to OneCare.
“Medicaid has established a pilot program (for 2017), and we expect a small number of providers to participate in 2017 as a precursor to the much broader all-payer model which goes into effect in 2018,” Huebner said.
OneCare, an ACO owned by the University of …
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Vermont’s OneCare to transition to global Medicaid budget